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Polyamory is a romantic and sexual orientation that involves the possibility of having romantic and intimate relationships with several people simultaneously.


Am I Polyamorous

Signs of Polyamory

Unlike monogamy, which focuses on an exclusive relationship between two people, polyamory allows each individual to explore and experience romantic and intimate relationships with multiple partners.

Polyamory can take many different forms, depending on the preferences and needs of each person involved. However, there are some signs that may indicate that someone is polyamorous.

  • Open-mindedness and flexibility

Polyamorous people tend to be more open-minded and flexible than monogamous people. They are often willing to consider and explore romantic and intimate relationships with different people, without being limited by preconceived notions about love and sexuality.

  • Honesty and transparency

Polyamorous relationships are based on honest and transparent communication between partners. Polyamorous people are often very communicative and willing to share their feelings, needs and limitations with their partners. They are also often sensitive to the needs and limitations of their partners.

  • Respecting each other’s boundaries and choices

In a polyamorous relationship, it is important to respect the boundaries and choices of each individual involved. Polyamorous people are often very respectful of their partners’ needs and choices, and are willing to adjust their behaviour accordingly.

  • Commitment to mutual consent

Mutual consent is essential in a polyamorous relationship. Polyamorous people are often very committed to mutual consent, and make sure that everyone involved has given their consent before pursuing a romantic or intimate relationship.

  • The ability to deal with complex emotions

Polyamorous relationships can involve complex and sometimes conflicting emotions. Polyamorous people often have a great ability to manage these emotions, understand them and express them constructively.

In conclusion, polyamory is a romantic and sexual orientation that offers great freedom and openness in romantic and intimate relationships. Polyamorous people are often characterized by their honesty, transparency, respect for each other’s boundaries and choices, commitment to mutual consent, and ability to manage complex emotions.

It is sometimes difficult to think that one can love several people at the same time. Polyamory is above all a way of rethinking love relationships and spending quality and authentic moments with each love partner. It is neither better nor worse than an exclusive relationship, it is different.

Can polyamorous relationships work?

The foundation of successful polyamorous relationships is communication. Everything must be clear from the beginning so that no one is hurt.

Before entering into a relationship, it is in the polyamorous person’s best interest to tell their partners about their relationship orientation so as not to create jealousy or misunderstanding among the different partners. If one of the partners does not agree, it is better to stop the relationship with the polyamorous person as soon as possible and thus avoid a painful break-up.

A lasting polyamorous relationship is therefore based on the consent of each partner.

Respecting each other’s freedom is also essential to make it work. What polyamorists are looking for is precisely the freedom that polyamory offers and that is not possible in monoamory, in which all love feelings are directed towards one and the same person.

Polyamory can become problematic when things are not clear in the relationship.

If one partner is not willing, but will not admit it, they ultimately will not be able to thrive with a polyamorous person. Honesty must come from both sides.

A person who claims to be polyamorous, but in reality has multiple partners without ever becoming attached, cannot hope to have serious and lasting polyamorous relationships.

The main disadvantage of polyamory is the non-exclusivity in love that it implies and that cannot be suitable for everyone. Let’s face it, polyamory is not for everyone and that’s why it still suffers from a lot of prejudices.

The model of the monogamous couple is very anchored in our society, it is considered as the norm. But polyamory clearly challenges this model of relationship.