Am I Bisexual?
Find Out by answering these 10 questions!

Are you having doubts about your sexual orientation? Have you found out that you think you like a person of the same sex and a person of the opposite sex? We will tell you what’s going on.


Before you ask yourself if you are bisexual, the first thing you need to do is to know what bisexuality is.

Bisexuality, in general, is a term used to define a sexual and/or romantic attraction to more than one gender. Talking about bisexuality and its inclusion in the LGBT community is important because it allows bisexual people to have visibility, to feel recognized and validated.

Bisexuality is not a phase

A recurring cliché about bisexuality that we all know is that bisexuals are just “confused” or that we all go through a phase.

While we understand that many gay and lesbian people identify as bisexual before they realize their true orientation, that doesn’t mean that all bisexual people are simply gay or lesbian, and that sooner or later they will come to realize it.

Being bisexual does not mean equal attraction to all genders

While some bisexual people experience an equitable attraction to all gender. Others lean more towards a specific gender or find some features attractive. That doesn’t stop the person from being with someone they find less attractive, if they share the same values and there is a real connection between them.

Many bisexuals go a long time without even being aware of their own sexuality because it is often ignored.

Okay, now that we’ve talked about the definition of bisexuality, We are going to mention a few signs that might indicate whether or not you are bisexual.

Am I bisexual test

Signs of bisexuality

You have doubts

It might seem obvious, but the fact that you’re asking yourself this question, while not an indicator in itself, makes it plausible that you are, even if it’s unconscious. It could be simple curiosity, but if you Google bisexuality a lot and see yourself in the results, then you might be bisexual.

You are attracted to people of the same sex as you

You don’t have to pressure yourself to do something you’re not comfortable with. Start listening to your inner desires to find out more about yourself, only by doing that you can unlock the secrets of your sexuality.

One of the basics of bisexuality is to feel attracted to people of the opposite gender and also to people of the same gender. Sometimes you are not sure how you feel about someone of the same gender.

For instance, hitting on a friend at a party or fantasizing about him or her could also be a sign.

If you’re not sure about it, analyze your past interactions to see if this has happened several times. If the attraction happens once or twice in your lifetime, it’s probably nothing, but when you feel that way in multiple occasions, it means that your subconscious is trying to express your deepest feelings.

You look at both male and female profiles on social apps

If you look at both male and female profiles on social sites and you like both, it could also be an indicator of your bisexuality. If you unconsciously find yourself wondering at a same-gender profile, that could be indicative of attraction.

In this case, you feel admiration rather than envy, when you look up someone on social media. You pay attention to their strong features and physic in an attractive way. If you find yourself fantasizing about them, that’s a strong sign that you are bisexual.

You feel comfortable with the term “bisexual”

Another sign that might indicate your bisexuality is if you realize that the label bisexual and the ideas that the term refers to feel right.

Even if you don’t know much about bisexuality, but you think about the label and feel that it fits you well enough, this is a sign that you may be internalizing it at a deep level.

This can happen if you see bisexual characters on TV, or even if you listen to a bisexual person talk about their experiences and realize that you really identify with what they are saying.