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The alpha male quiz will help you understand what you should work towards to be an alpha male. After taking the quiz, you will know which category of men you belong to.


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Am I an Alpha Male Quiz


This is the concept around which all other traits of the alpha male revolve. In today’s culture, self-respect is too often confused with ego.

When you respect yourself, you value your time and the time of others. You do quality work, no matter what your profession.

You listen when others speak to you, giving them your full attention. When an answer is needed, you give a considered opinion, without claiming knowledge if you don’t have it. You have intrinsic value, and you recognize the value of others.

You never give up

The men at the top are not the ones who have never experienced disappointment or what we would call failure.

The crucial difference between these guys and the others is often a matter of perspective and also perseverance. We often think of the path to success or fame as a straight line, with no sideways movement or obstacles.

If you never take on a challenge, you can never be sure of who you really are. People sense their strength and true quality when dealing with them. There is an inherent understanding that the end goal of a journey or life plan is made up of each step taken to achieve it.

True alpha males maintain a balance between living actively in the present moment and planning for the future.

You can defend yourself and protect others

There is a misconception that in order to become an alpha male, a man must seek conflict or even start fights to prove his worth.

However, a true alpha male personality has no desire to fight, but will not hesitate to do so if it happens. If a man is willing to defend himself and others if necessary, he can be an alpha.

A man who isn’t afraid of standing up for what’s right is always good to have around.

You are humble

While an alpha knows his worth and respects himself, he doesn’t use it to degrade others. Instead of bragging, he simply continues to live his life and achieve his personal goals.

Some beta males may have been told that being arrogant and flaunting their accomplishments to show their worth is the way to become an alpha male, but this is not the case.

Humility is one of the most endearing qualities of this guy and will make you love being around him.

You have charm and confidence

Alphas are generally in excellent physical condition, not because they feel the need for outside admiration, but because they are active individuals.

Excellent physical condition facilitates the many activities they enjoy and is often a natural consequence of their way of being. Remember that your body is your engine for moving through the world. Taking care of your body is a necessity if you want to evolve and achieve things in your life. There are many activities and disciplines that will help you hone your physical and inner alpha. It just takes discipline for you to see the results of your dedication.

You are motivated

While a beta male may be happy or at least willing to settle for what is comfortable and familiar rather than take risks, an alpha will always be motivated and determined to build the life he wants.

He will not settle for unsatisfying relationships, dead-end jobs or anything that does not inspire and enrich his life.

If he feels undervalued at work, he won’t be afraid to ask his boss for a pay raise or embark on a new career.

Alpha males are also likely to start their own business and become their own boss, as they like to do things their own way.

Alpha males are honest

An alpha male doesn’t need to hide his beliefs or intentions. While many cheating men tend to have secret affairs and lie about them, a true alpha male will not keep secrets. He will live his life openly, without worrying about what others think or whether they understand him.

Lying and keeping secrets is an act of cowardice, and alpha males are very brave.

Courage and action

Courage is a quality generally associated with the alpha male. However, it is far from being synonymous with fearlessness or lack of understanding of the consequences that follow your actions.

What this means is that alpha males accept the challenges that life throws at them. They seize opportunities and do not allow the voices of fear of failure or feelings of inadequacy to deter them from taking action.

These men are active, even if their attempt to seize an opportunity causes them to fall, they get back up and keep going.

You recognize your weaknesses

Contrary to popular belief, being an alpha male doesn’t mean being free of all weaknesses. Everyone has at least a few flaws or weaknesses, even the super confident guy who lights up the room, inspires others and seems to have it all together.

A true alpha doesn’t deny his weaknesses to himself or to others. He accepts that everyone has flaws, but uses that knowledge to improve himself rather than using it as an excuse. This is one of the most useful traits of the alpha male in relationships.