Where Am I From Quiz

There are certain aspects in nature that are predominant among a specific group of people. We are talking about morphological features that characterize people belonging to specific areas of the world.

Humans have settled and moved around different parts of the world. Some of them stood longer to build a genetic base that may define that area.

It is almost impossible to determine how many categories there are when it comes to your origins. The genetic admixture of some people is very diverse due to the human movements throughout history. Latin America for instance is one of the most diverse places in the world. In the last 600 years, people from every continent settled there and mixed for centuries. However, the way where am I from quiz works is it puts the respondent under a specific category based on predominant features.

Where Am I From

Where am I From?

Learning more about our origins is a desire that we all have. However, not everyone dares to embark on this adventure during their life. After 50 years old, children are grown up and we generally have more time to undertake the realization of a family tree. Thanks to the Internet, knowing one’s origins becomes almost child’s play!

In the past, knowing your origins was a tedious task, you had to arm yourself with paper, pencils, reading glasses, shoes (to go to the archives), and a lot of courage in order to reach your goal. It is now much easier with the Internet. You no longer need paper and pencils, you can store many texts and documents directly on your computer or on USB keys. It’s practical and secure!

How to know your origins

Today, it is much easier to find out about your origins. Indeed, there are many ways to trace one’s genealogy. Thanks to modern technology, you can do all your research from the comfort of your home, having access to a whole bunch of archives and billions of data. Moreover, there are websites that have automatic search systems to make your life easier. There are also paid tools to help you find out about your origins, such as the DNA research.

There are still ways to know your origins and learn more about your ancestors, starting with the departmental archives available in libraries. Or sometimes even the search for certain documents in the town halls. Digging in your head, asking your family for information, asking for advice from enthusiasts: these are all excellent ways to find out about your origins!

That said, if you are sure or your origins but receive a result that does not match your expectations, it does not mean it is wrong. In reality, it’s simply means that you have some aspects or features that are common in certain parts of the world.

In addition to questions related to your body’s morphology, there are questions that touch some culture aspects like the gastronomy. What people eat, how they eat it and when they eat gives you a lot of insight on where they may live. The answer to that question may suggest an answer on where I am from.

Components & Questions:

As mentioned earlier, the quiz only provides estimates based on the answers to the questions. The questions are related to your morphology and cultural aspects.

Among these questions: how your skin interacts with the sun’s rays, whether it tans or not. In some parts of the world the skin is more sensitive and can easily be damaged by the sun.

Another morphological aspect is the color of the eyes. For example the geographical distribution of people with blue eyes indicates that from a static point of view you are more likely to have European origins.

On the other hand, there are cultural aspects such as gastronomy, sociology and others… We take as an example the consumption of spicy food which is much more important in the countries which are in the south of the Pacific. This may be due to the body’s ability to process spicy food or simply to the culture that is accustomed to eating spicy food.

You may also find questions related to personality such as comfort with crowded places or your general interaction with people. In some parts of the world, people tend to have an angry disposition, while in other areas they tend to be more relaxed and easy going.

Everything discussed above is from a statistical point of view. You can find different sort of people everywhere and you coming from somewhere does not indicate your personal traits or personality.

Another way to see the results is to choose the where am I from quiz result as a place you would like to visit or settle in the future. Maybe it is the place where you will feel the best and fit in more easily in terms of culture.