Am I Gay Quiz

For many people, finding out their sexual orientation is a real problem. Let’s face it, coming out is not an easy thing to do. For men in particular, coming to terms with being gay can be difficult.

Are you wondering if you are a gay man? The gay test quiz can help you know if you are gay or not.


Am I Gay Quiz Test

Am I Gay Test

Feeling attracted to men

How do you know if you are gay? Traditionally, it’s expected that a man will be attracted to a woman. However, when you are gay, things are different. One tends to feel a kind of attraction towards certain men of his entourage. It can be a colleague at work, a neighbor or a man you meet somewhere. In his comments, without sometimes realizing it, one describes certain men as being very attractive or cute. This kind of special interest is usually focused on sportsmen or TV hosts who have a certain elegance or a good body.

A gay man will particularly enjoy time spent with another man and desire him.

You enjoy spending time with women

When you are gay, you really enjoy spending time with women. One would rather be in the middle of a conversation about fashion with women than sitting in front of a TV with friends to watch a game. You feel like your interests are not common within men, and for that reason you do not necessarily enjoy being around them.
This should not be confused with desire and attraction, we’re talking here about common ground, interests and subjects you enjoy talking about.

Having many female friends is also a sign that you feel comfortable around them. Usually when you’re attracted to a gender you do not feel comfortable around them.

Being defensive about gay jokes

Another way to tell if a guy is gay also shows his insecurity with himself. The way a man reacts when he is the target of a gay joke or if someone even suggests that he might be gay as a joke could be a sign that he is gay.

Unfortunately, a society that preserves these types of jokes is one that makes it uncomfortable for people.

However, even a friendly gesture between a guy and his friend that implies homosexuality could send a man into denial short of a situation. As a rule, a man in this situation would not care as much about gay jokes.

A lack of interest in women

As explained above, a gay man is attracted to other men. This particular interest in people of the same sex means that the homosexual is no longer attracted to the opposite sex. It is true that the gay man enjoys the company of women, but it is not to court them. This is very much a reflection of a desire to have female friends, not an ambition to court them.

Many people think that being around guys means you’re attracted to them, but that’s the complete opposite.

Effeminate gestures

It is said that this is not the most convincing of the signs that one is gay or not, but it is nonetheless worth considering. There is a considerable chance that a man who walks and acts like a woman is gay.
The explanation is simple; you do what women do to attract men.

You check out other men

If a straight man cannot keep his eye from pretty woman, then you can generally expect the same from a gay man.

He will be looking at a man’s ass, smile, arms, chest and more. These looks can be furtive and hard to catch, or they can be more ardent, which is a sure sign that you are into other guys.

Displaying a mysterious behavior

Sometimes gay men will try to downplay this and suppress their urges completely, although this rarely works. Other times, men will have a secret gay lifestyle that they try to keep hidden.

If you notice that you friend seems more romantic than bromance with another close friend, there may be something going on behind closed doors. Likewise, he may disappear at night or on weekends without any explanation as he connects with other guys.