Am I A Good Girlfriend Quiz

When we start dating someone, there are often doubts about the appropriateness of the relationship. This feeling is completely normal, because we do not know if we’re doing the right things to prove that we are dedicated in that relationship.


If you want to know if you are a good girlfriend that does the right things for her relationship, you should analyze the signs discussed below.

Take the am I a good girlfriend quiz to know if you are doing the right things to preserve and grow your relationship.

Am I a good girlfriend quiz test

You pay attention to him

When we are in love, it is natural that all our attention turns to that person. We are interested in every detail: the way they dress, their ideas, their history. This happens mainly at the beginning of the relationship. However, when time passes, when the infatuation ends and we meet the real person, with his or her virtues and faults, it is very common to stop caring about the other person.

If even after months or years together, you are interested and concerned about his feelings, it is a sign that you continue to admire that person, which means that you are a good partner.

Admiration and interest in the other person are two basic ingredients of any lifelong relationship.

You are by his side in difficult times

Being together in the good times is easy. However, life is also made of difficult stages. We all go through phases when we face problems. The death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the failure to achieve what we were looking for or the discovery of an illness affect us deeply and we can only overcome these adverse circumstances if we have the support of our loved ones.

A person who wants to spend the whole life with you is not going to abandon you like that. You are by his side for whatever he needs. You are there to support him, to help him see the positive side of things, or to help find solutions to what’s overwhelming him.

And when the storm passes, you’ll rise stronger and more united than ever.

You are loyal to him

Many people confuse loyalty with fidelity, but they are not the same thing. Being loyal does not only mean not cheating on your partner. Being loyal goes beyond that.

First, loyal people are honest with themselves. They are also transparent with others about their feelings, desires, values and beliefs. A loyal person tend to be consistent in their actions.

A loyal person will be dedicated to their partner and work to make the relationship work because they love and believe in them. As a result, this will create a deeper and more lasting emotional connection with you.

You are forgiving

There is no such thing as a perfect person. We make mistakes all the time. That’s why, in long-term relationships, it’s so important to forgive and help your partner learn from his mistakes.

The inability to forgive (both the other person and yourself) is one of the main reasons for romantic breakups. Forgiveness should never be automatic. It must come from within. By forgiving his mistakes, your partner or boyfriend starts accepting their weaknesses and will thank you for that.

Your respect his individuality

Maintaining your individuality is one of the main secrets to a lasting relationship. We are whole individuals, with our own hobbies, dreams and potential.

If you are constantly criticizing his work, criticizing his friends and tastes, and trying to cancel him as a person, that is a bad sign. It is very likely that this person will not build a long-term relationship with you.

When you want to spend you whole life with someone, you need to know how to value what is important for your growth and happiness by respecting his space and supporting his goals.

You make an effort to see him

If you really want to be a part of his life, you have to make some efforts. You do not make excuses to avoid seeing him. In fact, you enjoy spending time with him and there is a real connection between the two of you.

Another important point that people tend to forget is taking initiative. If invitations are often one sided, you may give your boyfriend or partner the impression that you are not interested in him.