Am I In Love Quiz

Love is a feeling that we have all experienced. We all have different ways of loving because everyone expresses themselves differently.


Sometimes we love someone so much that we are unable to see them as they really are. We just create a kind of skewed reflection in our mind. In this situation we tend to idolize the person we love. We are ready to give them everything, forgetting ourselves.

Am I in love quiz

Signs That You Are In Love:

You consider them perfect

Idealization consists in overestimating a person, either consciously or unconsciously. Moreover, idealization is a defense mechanism. In other words, we use it to soothe what torments us. We thus give a lot of value to the other person to attenuate our anguishes.

We don’t always see what the person we are with is really like. This blindness can be the product of idealization: we believe that the person we love is perfect and we might even stop seeing their human side and that everyone makes mistakes. We exaggerate their qualities and stop valuing our own. We feel good because we are with someone incredible and very often unattainable.

You often think with admiration, about their qualities, talents, skills, even in their absence. Minor events, small concrete things also make you think of them and move you.

When you manage to keep a look mainly focused on the positive side, it usually means that you are in love. It does not mean that you deny their flaws and limitations, but you choose to ignore it and focus on the good aspects.

Excessive trust and jealousy

To be in love is to trust and rely on the other person. We confide easily and we share our greatest secrets. On the other hand, excessive jealousy for fear of losing the other person has no place in a love relationship. If we think, for example, that the person will find a better person, the risks are to fall into an emotional dependence.

You want to make them happy

When we are in love, the well-being of the other person is important to us because it is directly connected to our own. Their material and moral comfort, as well as everything that makes them happier, more fulfilled, are the object of our attention and care. Probably because we know deep down that if our partner were to become frustrated or dissatisfied, the relationship would no longer bring us the same contentment.

The permanence of this concern is one of the markers of love. When it decreases, it does not mean that we no longer love each other, but that the feeling of love has waned.

You are no longer interested in other people

You come across more beautiful people, yet your gaze is detached. Because you don’t care about others, only one person matters. It’s them and no one else.

According to various studies, paying attention to potential partners indicates a decrease in emotional commitment. The feeling of love lasts longer in those whose gaze is focused on one person: They have something that speaks to you sufficiently and their presence awakens your desires.

You start showing your true self

Showing your true self is more important to you than presenting your best side. Favoring real discussions, stories about your life gives the other person the feeling of being connected to your most intimate part.

The stronger the desire for authenticity, the stronger the desire for commitment. The relationship is thought of as a living organism that feeds on truth. This is why, in your case, the need for intimacy prevails over the need to seduce, because the important thing is what happens with this person and not another. Even if you are not aware of it, communicating without trying to look good reinforces the feeling of being loved, chosen for what you really are.

You are empathetic

You start to easily understand and forgive that person. You read their facial expressions and know what they think about. The desire for fusion present in the feeling of love is such that it establishes a direct connection with the person you love. Adjustments in behavior and communication are made easier; misunderstandings and unspoken words are less frequent, and therefore less sources of conflict because the level of empathy is high.

You really enjoy their company

No matter what they do, their simple presence is a source of pleasure for you. Even if that person doesn’t fit the society or culture norms of your environment, you enjoy being with them because you feel comfortable around them.

What you feel in their presence, the idea of finding them again, makes you feel good. And if the relationship is prolonged, these sensations, these feelings last. That’s how you measure the persistence of the feeling of love.

You have possessive feelings

Even if you are not in a relationship with this person, seeing them with someone you feel is in competition with you might make you feel uncomfortable. You start ignoring the individuality of that person and paying attention to how they interact with others rather than focusing on building a real connection.

Possessiveness can become less demanding, but it is always lurking in the depths of the feeling of love. That is why you should learn how to respect the individuality and choices of other people.

You underestimate yourself

The idealization of the other person, together with an undervaluation of our own person, causes many people to become overly involved in their relationships. The lack of limits can end up suffocating the other person or facilitate their perverse plan if it is a person with bad intentions.

When we give everything we have to others, putting them always first, we become completely vulnerable. If we are lucky, nothing bad will happen to us. But if we meet someone with bad intentions, we can experience very difficult situations.

Mistakes Not To Make When You Are In Love

Before loving this person, you must love yourself. You’ll only be able to find the right person by loving and knowing yourself. If it’s to escape boredom, or because you’re in need of affection, or because you’re afraid you won’t find anything better, it’s probably not a good reason to start a relationship

Not suffocating each other is important, but it is not the only rule to follow. For a love relationship to start in good conditions, you must be ready. For that, you must already have mourned your previous relationship.

Being in love can lead you to idolizing another person and under evaluating yourself, which can put you in a vulnerable position. We don’t care about ourselves or what we want to be and do: we live for the other person. Even if the person has different interests from ours, we put aside what we like to do whatever the other person says.