How Attractive Am I Quiz

Attractiveness is more than just having a perfectly symmetrical face or beautiful hair or. It’s more than just having spotless skin and a perfect body. The best way to measure and know how attractive you are is to pay attention to people’s reactions.


Attractiveness is a tricky thing. If you don’t know how to combine between style, physique and character, the chances of people paying attention will be low, even if you are naturally beautiful.

Am I Attractive

Here are some signs that will help you measure how attractive you are.

People look at you twice every time you walk by

You have the kind of physical appeal that requires a double look. It’s not enough for people to look at you once, but you are so beautiful that people always feel they need to look at you twice to fully appreciate your beauty. Never underestimate the looks in public. If people look at you and insist on a second time, it is because you are very attractive.

People do not tell you how beautiful you are

The reason? People usually assume that you are already aware of your beauty, or they may think that you are told too often that you are beautiful, and you may be tired of hearing it. Don’t be disappointed if people don’t tell you that you are beautiful.

Your sense of validation should only come from yourself because people express themselves in different ways. Just because someone tells you that you’re beautiful, it doesn’t mean that they don’t think so. People will refrain from saying what they really think out of jealousy, envy or fear of being judged.

People are usually surprised to learn about your insecurities

Whenever you talk about insecurities related to your appearance and self-esteem, people are surprised. They just think that you are really confident and self-assured.

In fact, they would even be upset that someone like you still has self-esteem issues. They would think that you are normally very sure of yourself and your appearance.

No matter how you act, people still want to get to know you

Even if you are socially awkward and sometimes weird, people still want to get to know you and don’t pay attention to the weird stuff you do, because they find you attractive.

Your attractiveness outweighs your flaws, and even if your behavior doesn’t fit society’s norms, some people will find it cute and unique. Beauty is held in high esteem in all social circles and in all cultures.

People are often very nice or very unpleasant to you

Even nice people sometimes face negative emotions from others, which are often completely unfounded. You just have to understand that these people are not happy, not sure of themselves and they behave this way out of jealousy and lack of confidence.

On the other hand, if people are too nice to you without even knowing you, that might be a sign that they find you attractive and they are trying to build a link with you.

People try to initiate visual contact with you

A brief glance in your direction, ending with a slight smile, is a friendly sign. A long look directly into your eyes (with a smile of course, otherwise it would be very strange) conveys strong emotions and means an attempt to make contact.

If you can feel people’s glaze on you when your back is turned, that also means that they are interested in you and find you attractive. Each person reacts differently, some people have no problem initiating visual contact while others try to be more discreet.

Beauty is believing in yourself

Feeling attractive and understanding how to accept yourself as beautiful comes from within.

It requires introspection by assessing yourself and where you are in your life. Here are some suggestions for evaluating yourself:

-Avoid comparing yourself to what society considers beautiful.

-Think about your relationship and how your partner sees you. When you love and accept each other, it brings a level of attractiveness that impacts you. The person you are in a relationship with should help you see yourself at your best.

-Try not to focus so much on yourself. Encourage yourself to reach out to others to improve your social skills. This will help reduce feelings of insecurity while encouraging you to be comfortable with yourself.

-Think about your body and try to reach its maximum potential.

-Control critical thoughts and replace them with things that enhance your self-image. Pay attention to other aspects of yourself that you may not have noticed.

-Wear clothes that make you feel good. If you have a favorite color or a particular style that you feel good in, it makes you approachable with a natural glow.

-Accept the fact that you are getting older and enjoy it. Some forms of discomfort come from the changes that occur with age. Learn to accept these changes.

-Don’t assume your attractiveness; instead, focus on your life’s purpose, meaning and how your existence contributes to your happiness.