Am I in The Friend Zone Quiz

The friendzone designates a situation where a person wishes to have a love relationship with another who is only interested in being in a friendship and nothing more.
Answer These 12 Questions to know if you are in the friendzone.


There are many signs that can help you identify whether you are in the friendzone or not.

Am I in the friendzone quiz test

Signs You Are In The Friend Zone

They tell you about their dates

While some people may want to get a reaction from you by telling you about their dates, it may also just be a way to let you know that they are not interested in you!

If they go so far as to tell you in detail about their relationships, or if they ask you for advice on what they should do, do not bother. They see you as a friend, not as a someone with whom a love story could be possible.

They don’t try to get physical with you

When we like someone, it’s hard to resist the temptation to get physically close. You are constantly brushing up against each other, and sometimes you feel awkward or even intimidated when this happens.

If this person isn’t looking for physical contact like that with you, it’s probably because they are putting you in the friendzone.

Sometimes, physical contact is present because they are not afraid to stand close to you because they see you as a relative, but usually there is no tension behind this kind of gestures. This type of physical interaction is completely different from a love interaction.

They do not jump on their phone to answer you as soon as you send a message

When we like someone, we can wait for their messages for long minutes, and jump on the first opportunity to answer them. On the contrary, when it is a friend, it is much less important, and we can take time to write a reply.

When their answers are slow to reach you, when you don’t see any particular enthusiasm in the messages, it is certainly because they only see you as a friend. They will answer you, but won’t do their best to keep your exchanges going.

They ignore their looks when they are with you

When we want to please someone, we make every effort to do so. This includes physical efforts, in the way we dress, make up or do our hair… We pay more attention to our hygiene, to smell good.

On the contrary, in the presence of a friend, these efforts are much less present! We are more inclined to let ourselves go, and we could even give a neglected image of us, without it worrying us.

Does this person make special efforts in your presence to draw your attention to their appearance? If you do not notice that they are making efforts in their style of dress, you’re probably in the friendzone.

They give you relationship advices

When the person you love sees you as a friend, they might do their best to try to advise you on your love relationships. If they make a lot of efforts to see you in a relationship, you should make sure you move on. Put your desire for a story with them aside, and have fun in new meetings. You don’t have time to waste on a dead-end relationship.

They consider you a brother/sister

And they tell you so. They consider that having a relationship with you would be a kind of incest and therefore sleeping with you would disgust them. You can be sure that this word is a very telling sign of a friendzone.

They are not physically attracted to you

When we like someone, it can be hard to take our eyes off them. If this person finds you attractive, they might give you sidelong glances, and look at you all the time, even when your back is turned.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel their gaze on you, and you realize that they prefer to let their eyes wander elsewhere, it’s certainly because they do not like you as much as you might like.

It simply means that they are not attracted to you physically.

Why Are You In The Friend Zone?

Many behaviors can unknowingly put you in the friendzone. Perhaps you are the one who has unwittingly put the friendzone symbol in your subconscious when you approach your loved one. According to psychologists, these are the attitudes that usually lead a person to be rejected by those to whom they are attracted.

You do everything that is asked of you

The reason is precisely that with this subordinate attitude, what you do highlights your dependence on others and perhaps it is a sign that you suffer from insecurity or a lack of self-esteem. Most people tend to want a romantic relationship with someone who has a good mental well-being because security is one of the main characteristics of someone who arouses attraction towards others.

You agree with everything you are told

It is normal that you look for things in common with everything the person you love says but the reality is that sometimes disagreement can be good for awakening some interest in others. Being firm in your values and being transparent will be the best way to get out of the friendzone.

You do not show romantic interest

Perhaps you are the one who sets the boundaries of your relationship. When someone feels insecure, is shy or very introverted, it may seem that this person is not showing any signs that they are interested in another person. Start by stepping out of your comfort zone and being more open to flirting.

This is not the right person for you

Sometimes we care about people who aren’t really right for us. In these cases, maybe you’re looking for something you really need to work on. If you are one of those who are attracted to everyone with only a first impression, this can lead to others immediately putting you in the friendzone.