Daddy Issues Quiz

Daddy issues are associated with people who have difficulty creating secure attachments in adult relationships.

This 10 questions quiz will tell you if you have daddy issues.


Growing up with your father by your side is a privilege that many people are deprived of. No one can deny that growing up in a complete and emotionally healthy family is a wonderful gift.

Daddy issues can develop if you grew up without a father or if you lived with a dysfunctional father.

This is not a serious problem. However, the term is used to demean young women in relationships, or even men who are supposed to act like their fathers. This concept is often misinterpreted and misused. It applies to all adults who have had dysfunctional relationships with their fathers.

daddy issues quiz

Signs that you have daddy issues

You have anxious attachments

Once the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over, you feel tremendous anxiety about your partner leaving you, cheating on you, abandoning you, or hurting you.

You begin to anticipate the worst, not the best, of the person in the relationship. This can result in anxiety, anger, fear and frustration on your end. You are afraid to be alone. This makes you more vulnerable to a relationship where you are not treated well because you are afraid to be alone.

You have trust issues

It makes perfect sense. If the people who are supposed to love, protect and care for you haven’t done so, how can you trust anyone?

Trust issues can manifest themselves as insecurity, excessive fear that your partner will cheat on you, and anxiety about sharing personal information. Choosing trustworthy people and doing the work to open up to them is an important part of resolving this common problem.

You choose bad partners

As I mentioned earlier, our unconscious is always looking to heal old wounds in the present time. We often choose partners who have the same problems as our fathers. Sometimes this is not obvious because it is a different variation of the problem.

For example, you have a father who is not available to you because of an addiction. You make a commitment to never choose someone with that specific addiction, but you end up with someone who is a workaholic. It is still the same problem but disguised in another form.

You have a hard time setting boundaries.

You tend to say too much, too soon. Your boundaries may have been violated emotionally or even physically, so you don’t have a good idea of what is appropriate to share or do with a partner.

You also have a hard time saying no when you do not want to do something, because you are afraid of upsetting your partner or having them leave because you’ve crossed the line.

You are excessively concerned about what your partner thinks of you

You idealize your partner because you crave the idealized father you never had. You worry excessively about what your partner thinks of you and you are constantly afraid of disappointing them.

This prevents you from seeing them for who they really are. You end up spending too much time trying to impress and not enough time creating emotional intimacy.

You date people who are significantly older than you

This is the classic cliché of the daddy issues, but it often rings true for some young women. You seek out or are attracted to partners who are much older than you in order to recreate the father-child dynamic.

You seek the security of an older person. They usually are more established and are in better financial situations. This can be a very unhealthy dynamic because partners who seek out much younger people for relationships tend to want to control that person.