Do I Love Him Quiz

Sometimes, it is difficult to know if we are in love. The state of love can overwhelm us with various emotions. If some women are sure to be in love, others doubt.


To enlighten you, we decided to study the signs, which do not deceive, and we help you to make the point on your feelings in love.

To be in love is to feel very strong and sudden emotions for someone. You meet someone, you start flirting and you feel how much your body and your head take control of your heart! It’s all we can think about and our budding feelings grow by the day!

With time, when the love story lasts and becomes daily, we don’t really say that we are in love anymore, but rather that we love, because the feelings are settled. You have understood, being in love is a state of love that falls on us, surprises us.

Take the Do I love him test to know if you’re really into him.

Do I love him Quiz Test

Signs that you are in love with him

You have future plans with him

Love and the future are often linked and when we ask ourselves: “Do I love him?” or “Am I in love with him?” the answer is often “yes” if we plan to be with him.

Not necessarily by thinking about marriage and children, but by wanting to spend more time together for example in order to share complicit moments. Therefore, by imagining a more serious relationship is how you can better understand your feelings.

However, this is not a friendly projection! The idea is not to be in a friend zone but to envision more with the person we are attracted to.

I want to make him discover my world

Wanting to share time with the person you love is perfectly logical. Nevertheless, when you want to make him discover new things, bring him to the places you frequent and make him discover your passions, it can only mean one thing. There is more than a simple attraction between you because you make him enter your world.

And if you ever go further by introducing him to your friends, don’t have any doubts about your love. It is there!

I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about him

Do I still love my boyfriend? To answer this question it is important to analyze the way you feel when you are with him, or when you are preparing to see him.

The little butterflies in your stomach, the desire to be as attractive as possible, the little rush of stress just at the moment of seeing you again is often a sign of love. And it’s also what lets you know if you’re in love or not.

I am afraid of losing him

Having feelings and caring about someone is one thing but being afraid of losing that person is something else. It is more powerful and therefore it can help to know if the love you have for him is real or not.

I miss him

When we start to miss a person when they are far from us, it’s a sign that we are getting attached and that the feelings are already present!

I have already introduced him to my family

Sometimes when people ask me if I really love him and talk about the relationship, I realize that there have already been many projects together and that several milestones have been reached. Presenting him to your parents or close friends is often the sign of a very strong attraction!

You want to express your feelings

Knowing if I love him is often very clear when you think you do but don’t dare to say it. When making a statement makes you itchy, when your heart is beating at its highest rate and you are frustrated at not being able to express yourself, it is often that you are sincere.

You talk about him often

Your friends know him even though they have never met him, and you often talk about the times you spent together. What we say to others and especially the importance we give to this person when he is not there is indicative of how we value that person.

We are no longer interested in other people

When you meet someone and even after a few weeks of a relationship, sometimes even a few months, some tend to keep in touch with other people and have more options. Whether it’s exes, people you’ve dated, or simply someone you were interested in. Nevertheless, when love is real you tend to forget about these people and therefore to invest yourself a little more.