Should I End My Relationship Quiz

A love relationship is never simple. Each partner must be at peace with himself, but also with the other. Compromises are inevitable, but when they make you unhappy, maybe it’s time to take stock of your relationship and evaluate how viable it still is.


Take the Should I end my relationship test to find out if you should stay with your partner.

Should I End My Relationship Quiz

Here are some signs that will make you realize it’s over with your partner.

You stop calling your partner by nicknames

You notice that you or your partner stop using “sweetie”, “darling” or “babe” and other nicknames that you usually use. You call each other by your first name again as if the complicity that united you had packed up. The fairy tale seems well and truly over.

You are sometimes ashamed of your partner

You start disliking his way of dressing, his jokes… Lately, he has a tendency to make you feel uncomfortable at parties, to the point of being ashamed to say that he is your boyfriend.

You do not spend time together

If you are interested in someone and want to spend time with that person, you will find time even if you have a busy schedule. Postponing appointments or showing constant disinterest in participating in different situations symbolizes some wear and tear on the relationship.

The relationship does not get better

All relationships go through difficulties. These obstacles somehow can be overcome if there is love and understanding. If you get used to the idea that things are bad and you think the situation will resolve itself, it is best to stop and rethink your relationship.

You are interested in other people

If you start feeling an uncontrollable attraction to others, it could mean that your current partner is not fully satisfying you and that your relationship is not strong enough.

Trust is over

If you feel the need to spy on your partner, to control their routine and to question everything they do, it means that mutual trust is gone. It would be better to question what you are both doing and if real feelings are involved in this love connection.

You want to change your partner’s personality

You used to like the way they dress, but not anymore. Now you can’t even stand those jokes that amused you so much in the beginning. If you want to change your partner completely, it is better to change the person or to stay alone.

You prefer to spend all your free time with others

If your friends take up more time in your schedule than your partner, if you have gone from seeing each other every day to once a week, if you feel better and more comfortable with your friends than with your “love”, your relationship is not working anymore. Either there is something to be resolved, or it is the end of a relationship.

You no longer defend them

When your friends criticized your partner, you systematically pulled out your claws. “No, he’s/she’s not selfish, that’s not true! Today, you agree and even give your friends a piece of your mind.

You no longer touch each other

Physical contact is about affection and intimacy. Touching, caressing and holding hands are all signs of a healthy relationship between two people who still like each other. If you flinch when he or she brushes up against you, it’s time to get out of there.

You argue constantly

When you can’t even remember what the last argument was about because they are so common, there is a real problem. Especially since often in this kind of situation, there is no valid reason that leads to the argument.

You no longer have the same interests

People evolve differently. At the beginning of your relationship, you had many common projects, a vision of the future and, above all, you had the same interests in life. You agreed on everything.

However, with time, you start taking different roads. Even if you try to understand what is wrong, to understand them, to be interested in what your partner likes, nothing helps.