Is he attracted to me quiz

We have prepared a 14 Accurate Questions Quiz that analyzes a man’s behavior to know if he is attracted to you.


It is true that many men do not necessarily express their feelings and therefore you find it difficult to fully understand them. You need proof or signs that he is attracted to you. It’s not necessarily out of pride that you’re wondering about this, but more as an indicator of whether you should commit or be on your guard.

is my boyfriend attracted to me

Signs he is attracted to you

He wants to know more about you

He doesn’t just answer your questions with the occasional “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know”. He’s always trying to answer you, correctly, with attention and does not fail to ask you other questions about you because he wants to know more about you.

If he pays attention to your answers, it is a very good sign. It shows that what you say is important to him. Second, it shows that his attention is on you and not on himself. He has put himself in the background to give you room to express yourself.

Your past, your present, your future, everything, absolutely everything interests him and he is not trying to hide that interest.

He gets jealous

Jealousy is a strong feeling that most men have difficulty controlling. If you see him nervous when you talk to another man, he is under your spell. In spite of himself, he’s sizing up the competition and trying to see if this intruder can be a threat to your future relationship.

Restore his confidence by paying attention to him. Show him that you are also interested in him and that he has no reason to be jealous.

He is always looking at you

A man’s attraction is most apparent when he is continuously looking at the woman he is attracted to. Eye contact indicates interest and strong attraction; he will often look at you with long, dreamy looks especially when you are not looking at him.

As they say, the man loves with his eyes and the woman with her ears, and this means that a man shifts his attention and looks a lot at the woman he is attracted to.

You always see him next to you

An attracted man likes to be with the woman he is attracted to, he will try anything just to be next to her, he will take every opportunity to be with her, maybe cancel important events just to be with her.

Psychology confirms that one of the most important evidences that expose the attraction of a man for a woman is his strong desire to be in places where she is and to try to create opportunities to interact with her.

He’s trying to help you

One of the signs of attraction is when he is always available to help you. When a man is available and helpful to you, it is definitely a sign.

A man who is attracted to a woman will try to serve the woman he admires in various ways, he will appear in all situations where she needs something, and will try to do things that she may not even ask for.

For example, he may bring her a cup of coffee without asking, and it is wise to understand that these actions indicate attraction, and that they are not the innocent and spontaneous actions of a friend or colleague, but rather the gentle actions of an attracted man.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

There are not many ways to interpret this question. He would not ask it if he wasn’t interested in you. Yet, some men are not going to be direct. They will tell you about the fact that they are single and expect you to say something about your current relationship status.

He ignores other girls

It is quite normal for a man to look at what is going on around him: he looks for an attractive woman with his eyes and his gaze remains fixed on her. He can’t help it! However, a man who is interested in a relationship with you is only interested in you.

He gives you all his attention and tries to prove to you that no one else exists.