Sigma Male Test

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Being a sigma male is something that requires effort. It requires a lot of work on one’s own personality and soul to recognize and eradicate weaknesses and build confidence.


A sigma male is a man who does not need validation from others. He is not loud or brash, but calm and focused. A sigma male is an introverted but confident. Sigmas are unusual and do not usually fit into groups.

Sigma and alpha males are equal and share many common characteristics. They are both confident in their life choices and aim high. The main difference is their attitude. Sigmas choose not to position themselves in the dominance hierarchy, while alphas prefer to be at the top of it. The latter succeed by climbing the hierarchy. Sigmas, on the other hand, do not belong to any tribe. They do everything by themselves.

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sigma male Quiz Test

Signs of a Sigma Male

They do not care about hierarchy

Alphas stand at the top, betas are followers, and Sigmas simply do not fit the mold. Hierarchy is nothing to them, and all norms and trends that society sets make no sense to them. You can’t tell Sigmas how to dress or how to act. They do what they want.

They are rule breakers

Like alphas, sigma males struggle with authority. Sigmas are generally independent workers and hold peace and flexibility in high regard. It is best for them to work alone as they have no problem managing their time and getting organized.

The sigma male refuses to follow ideas and rules that he feels are unnecessary and ineffective.

They do not seek validation

Sigmas do not rely on luxury goods to feel complete and successful. They don’t try to validate themselves with expensive stuff because they understand that material things can’t replace self-esteem. So they drive what they want, wear what they prefer and don’t do what alphas tell them to do.

They do not open up to everyone

Sigmas do not brag about their accomplishments or big dreams on social media. Their passions are private. People often find them suspicious and secretive. It takes a long time to get to know Sigmas. They do not feel the need to share their personal information. Their need for ego boosting and validation is low.

They are leaders who remain humble.

Sigma males are lone wolves, but given the right circumstances, they become powerful leaders. They inspire others with their passion and dedication. Sigmas in high positions are never haughty or bossy, which is why they are respected.

They value their own lifestyle.

Sigma men are picky about their routines and nothing is worse for them than a controlling person. They do not adhere to the expectations of others. Sigmas will only change if they really want to.

They also usually don’t care about what other do, they mind their own business and respect other people’s choices. What’s most important for them is to be at peace with themselves regardless of what others may think of them.

They do not have many friends

They are interested in having quality friends rather than quantity. Sigma males are sometimes so secretive that they are difficult to approach, which leaves their social circle very limited. Their intelligence also play a role in the friend selection process, they want to be around people that understand, respect and share his values. Being alone for sigma males is better than being surrounded by the wrong people.

They are confident introverts

Sigmas do not like to be in the spotlight and prefer to spend time alone. Although sigmas often go unnoticed, they are just as confident as alphas. The only thing that sets them apart is the extraversion of alphas.

Personal space is vital

Sigmas need a lot of personal space to satisfy their learning and achievement goals. They can suddenly make drastic changes, like disappearing to pursue their passion. They don’t let anyone get in their way.