Am I Happy In My Relationship Quiz

In a couple, each one has a precise idea of what they expect from the other and from their relationship: ideals of a happy life that are sometimes very far from what the reality holds.


In order for the relationship to flourish and for the people to find themselves in it, it is necessary to be dedicated.

To find out whether you are happy in your relationship, take the quiz.

Am I Happy In My Relationship Quiz

You argue for no good reason

If your partner is suddenly arguing, it may be due to excessive stress at work, or a side effect of depression or anxiety. This may also be due to his own unhappiness.

When a partner is unhappy and can’t find a way out of the relationship, they turn to creating a problem that doesn’t exist. Your partner may then try to argue over small things and make a big deal out of it.

Suddenly, you feel like you can’t do anything right, or that you’re in a perpetual argument. It may be helpful to point this out and ask what the real problem is.

They do not talk to you as they used to

A happy partner will be willing to talk about their day and is an open book when it comes to sharing their problems. That is why it is not a good sign if your partner is suddenly all shut down.

When you ask your partner how they are doing, if they say, “I’m fine,” it may be an indication that your life together is no longer making them happy.

When the lack of communication in your life as a couple starts to take hold and your partner no longer feels the need to share his thoughts and emotions with you, you can be sure that something is wrong.

Of course, it’s always good to keep things to yourself in a relationship, or to want to be a little quiet some days. But it shouldn’t be a habit that lasts forever.

You tend to think about the past

The first moments of a relationship are always the best, but they rarely last. While some couples manage to keep the spark alive for many years, others fail to do so and regularly think about the past or about a particular relationship that they cannot forget, even after they thought they had succeeded by committing to a new person.

If you compare your current relationship with the ideal relationship you once had, it shows that your current relationship is not working for you or not fulfilling you enough. If this feeling persists, don’t waste your precious time.

You hope your partner will change

If you hope that your partner will change, improve, and therefore your relationship will become happier, this shows that you do not accept them as they are, and for a couple to function over time it is necessary to accept each other as we are.

You have very little intimacy

If your partner is not feeling too physical sometimes, it’s important to respect their space. However, since it can hurt your feelings if they refuse intimacy, especially since this is often a sign of underlying problems.

If your partner is not open to touch and you increasingly feel that they are acting like a roommate instead of your partner, it is a sign that they may not be happy in the relationship.

A lack of contact may indicate stress or general dissatisfaction with the state of the relationship. And not wanting physical contact may be a coping mechanism to keep you away.

Your conversations are awkward and lifeless

Saying things like, “It’s cold outside!” doesn’t necessarily require a response, but it will be enough of a conversation starter for most couples, because they simply enjoy talking to each other.

These moments are called auctions: One person seeks affection, support and understanding from the other, and if the other accepts, the bond is created. If they don’t, the bond is lost.

You’re not as excited to see your partner as you used to be

It’s normal for the intense excitement and loving feeling of the beginning of a relationship to fade as the relationship goes on. You’ll still be happy to see each other, but you won’t always have intense butterflies, and that’s normal.

However, if your partner regularly seems apathetic toward you, it may be that seeing you or being with you means little to him or her.

They take up new activities (without you)

If you feel that your partner is using these hobbies to escape the relationship. That could raise some concern especially if it’s a hobby they won’t even let you participate in.

If they no longer finds happiness in your relationship, they will try to find it in other aspects of his life.

They no longer talk about the future with you

If you used to talk about the future all the time, you need to be careful if it suddenly stops. For example, if they avoid any discussion about the future and the plans the two of you may have made, it’s a sign that they may not be happy in the relationship.

Unless they are willing to discuss future plans, it may mean that their future plans do not include you.

They no longer make an effort

When a person no longer takes their relationship seriously, they are likely to drop all the responsibilities that come with it.

This may explain your partner’s sudden lack of responsibility.

If your partner starts breaking promises and no longer seems to want to say a simple “I’m sorry,” that’s a sign that they may not be happy in your relationship because they no longer care about how you feel.