Fake Friend Quiz

Everyone wants to have a good friend. The problem arises when our need for friendship leads us to establish relations with fake friends.


A fake friend can drain us of all our vitality, making us feel negative and exhausted when they leave us.

Take the fake friend quiz to know if you are dealing with a fake friend.

If you think you have a questionable friend in your life, tease them by looking for a few key behavioral and communication patterns. Then, do your best to distance yourself from these people so that you have more room in your life for authentic, fulfilling friendships.

These one-sided relationships seem counterintuitive, but they are not always easy to recognize.

fake friend quiz

How To Tell If You Have A Fake Friend

Being able to detect social hypocrisy and identify fake friends is not only vitally important for improving our environment, but it can also be beneficial for your mental health. Fortunately, there are certain attitudes that show us who these hypocritical people are:

They monopolize conversations

You’re all ears when it’s time for them to express themselves. However, the problem is that they are more prone to myth making when they are with you.

They listen to the advice you give them, but they don’t change their ways. In short, you are there so they can vent about everything.

Friends who monopolize conversations or only want to discuss their own lives and experiences, without giving you time to share your perspectives or feelings are definitely fake friends.

They can’t keep a secret

It’s pretty common to develop a crush on someone. It’s also not uncommon to share secrets with friends. After all, it’s fun to have someone to tell stories with.

Plus, who doesn’t like to be teased from time to time, even about their deepest interests or secrets? The dilemma is that fake friends don’t know when to shut up. It’s like it’s in their nature to spill the beans when you’re not around.

They don’t care about your right to privacy or whether you trust them enough to keep a secret. Betrayal is a source of bad friendship.

When toxic friends don’t talk to each other, it’s often in cases where one has shared personal information or secrets that needed to be kept private.

For them, it’s all about controversy. They like to dramatize. They will even tell lies if they have to. This is because sharing secrets makes them feel powerful.

Somehow, it will make them more popular or better in the eyes of others. Fake friends are just waiting for the next juicy gossip from their friends.

As long as it’s not about them, they are more than willing to let the world know as soon as possible.

They want to take advantage of any situation

This kind of people try to take advantage of every interaction they have. Whereas, a true friend will be there whenever you ask, not just when they can benefit from a relationship.  In other words, they take a lot, and gives little

Another thing to note is that fake friends are manipulative. They do everything to achieve their ends and that includes giving you false impressions.

They respect others out of self-interest

You may be wondering how to tell if someone is being fake with you. One of the keys to detecting these hypocritical friends is to see how they behave when there is an interest in relationships. If in front of someone with influence, you no longer exist, it is possible that you are dealing with a fake friend.

A fake friend disappears as soon as they are no longer single

This one is most common among men, even the slightly attractive and socially intelligent ones. As soon as they get into a relationship or start seeing someone, they will completely disappear. Sometimes they will remember you and engage conversation to complain about their partner when something is wrong in their relationship.

They do not keep their promises

They usually try to give you the impression that they are friends with you by giving promises they will never keep.

Fake friends never do things without getting anything in return. Therefore, they will never make a promise that does not benefit them. Moreover, they do not value your reaction or opinion; to them you are just someone they might need in the future.

They talk badly about others

A good way to discover people who act hypocritically is to see how they talk about others when they are not present. There is a high probability that they will treat you the same way when you are not there.

This is a clear sign that we are dealing with a fake person. For this reason, it is important to try to put aside these types of negative attitudes or thoughts.

They do not tolerate differences of opinion

These friends won’t let you rest until they make you realize that they are absolutely right.

In a way, they are the ones who know everything and have all the right opinions. In other words, fake friends need undeserved and total support.

Because there is no room for compromise, having a fake friend is always bad for your emotional and mental well-being.